With the foundation of Landsea Europe R&D GmbH in September 2010, our company is now present in Germany.

The team, based in the finance and service center Frankfurt am Main, consists of civil engineers, architects, HVAC engineers and industrial engineers.


Tasks and goals of the German branch are:

Conceptions and processing of pilot projects in China and Germany

Realization of pilot projects in China and Germany

Arbitration of architectural and design services for the Chinese construction industry

Initiation and support of Chinese customers in real estate investments in Europe

Professional excursions to China and Europe

In addition, we offer consultations for environmental, economic, functional and technical optimization of building projects in China. This includes in particular consultation services to optimize factors as sustainability and building quality as well as the Certification of sustainability according to German and foreign certification systems.

Vision Landsea Group

With the establishment of Landsea Group in 2001, the vision was born to stand up for a greener and more sustainable China. The outstanding commitment and conviction to achieve something better, contributed the realization of our vision. Today, 12 years later, Landsea is pioneer and leader in the creation of sustainable residential buildings in China.

Vision Landsea Europe

Landsea Europe stands for the junction and cooperation with European and Chinese in the building progress involved persons who share our vision of a sustainable future.

Mission Landsea Europe

As a subsidiary of the Landsea Group, our mission is to strengthen the leadership of the Landsea Group through our presence in Europe.
In the first step, this is achieved by internal integration of both cultures based on understanding and trust. The second step is the connection and cooperation with European product manufacturers, architects, planners, consultants, researchers and developers.

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